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This is the page of Math 692 Graduate Seminar: Scalable algorithms in applicable mathematics in Spring 2023, in the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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official details

Organizer: Ed Bueler,

Time and place: Thursdays 4-5pm, Chapman 104

Credits: 1.0, but non-credit attendance is also strongly encouraged. (CRN 37822 for in-person section 901, 37821 for synchronous zoom section 701.) If you want to take the seminar for credit then you should expect to give a least one presentation.

proposed content

My idea is to have a seminar where we can learn about mathematical (or somewhat mathematical) algorithms which are aimed at solving large problems. The best algorithms are optimal because they solve in $O(n)$ or $O(n\log n)$ time or memory, for data size $n$. While optimal performance is not possible for some problems, algorithms which scale well with $n$ have a chance of solving the biggest, hardest problems in areas where mathematics is applied.

The ideal presentation might explain, and show concretely with examples, how an optimal (or near-optimal, or best-known) discrete or continuous algorithm works. Each presentation should at least to try to clarify the size $n$ of the data to which the algorithm applies. Presenters should explain how the run time, amount of computation, or amount of memory of the algorithm depends on the size $n$ of the data.

Beyond such basic expectations the talks should be diverse and the topics very wide-ranging! See some possible topics below; there must be many more I don’t know about.

Big O notation will often be used in presentations here, but the goal is not to create a theory of complexity course. See CS 611 Complexity of Algorithms for that.

possible topics

schedule of talks

Date Speaker Title
19 Jan none  
26 Jan Ed Bueler Making ice sheet models scale properly
2 Feb none  
9 Feb none  
16 Feb none  
23 Feb Ed Bueler Which linear systems can be solved optimally?
2 Mar Glen Woodworth An algorithm for graph isomorphism
9 Mar none  
23 Mar none  
30 Mar Victor Devaux-Chupin FFTs and applications
6 Apr none  
13 Apr Austin Smith Solving sparse linear systems
20 Apr none  
27 Apr Oscar Hernandez Boolean satisfiability and non-determinism
4 May Ed Bueler Multigrid: optimal solvers for elliptic PDEs