Fall 2015:

   Math 253 Calculus III

   Math 614 Num. Linear Algebra

Ed Bueler

Associate Professor of Mathematics (Applied)
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
and Geophysical Institute,
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Chapman 301C:
   (907) 474-7693  [phone]
   (907) 474-5394  [fax]
Elvey 410D:
   (907) 474-7199
mailing address:
   Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
   University of Alaska
   Fairbanks, AK 99775-6660

schedule and office hours

North Arete of Matterhorn Peak,
                Sierra Nevada, August 1997, by Kim Solga

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glaciers and ice sheets:
glaciers group at GI
    ice sheet modeling at UAF
    my Karthaus lectures on modeling

open-source computational math:
    PETSc:   home   bitbucket page
    scipy and matplotlib
PISM, a Parallel Ice Sheet Model:
    github host for PISM
    User's Manual
    publications using PISM

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    current CV (PDF)
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    my:   github page   bitbucket page
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