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My interests include ice flow, partial differential equations, variational inequalities, and the numerical analysis thereof including the PETSc, Firedrake and PISM open source software projects.

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See my current CV (PDF) for this still-growing set of papers.

Papers in applied mathematics: delay differential equations and their numerical analysis

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Bueler (1999) was my thesis. See Erratum for Theorem 3.4: PDF , DVI.  Confirmation of conjecture 6.3, the second of three in the paper, appears in Gong & Wang (2001), Quart. J. Math.  A counterexample to my conjecture 1.1 was given by G. Carron (2007), Proc. AMS.  Conjecture 1.1 should have added the hypothesis "M is topologically tame" (i.e. M is homeomorphic to the interior of a compact manifold with boundary), the hypothesis considered in Bueler & Prokhorenkov (2002) above.

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