Moose in garden, inside our moose-exclusion fence, February 2010
(thanks Leah!):
moose in our garden

From David Maxwell, these are from Beth & Constantine's wedding, August 2009:

Vera, November 2006:
picture of Vera, from 11/06
Thomas, February 2006:
picture of Thomas, from 2/06
Vera and Thomas in October 2005:

Vera Madeleine Bueler-Faudree was born July 8, 2004 at 3pm.  She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz.  She and momma are doing great.
Vera Madeleine Bueler-Faudree

And here are four more pictures including Jill, Ed and Thomas.
VeraJiil and VeraE, J &VJ, Thomas, and Vera

Here is Thomas on his (not Vera's) wheels.  (7/4/04).
Thomas on wheels

And this is a picture of our recently departed smoky condition, as well as our greenhouse: (6/30/04)
E, T & smoke

7/03 picture of Thomas (thanks toChris Cullen) :
     T in tub II 7/03

  A wonderful black and white picture (11/02) by Betsy James):
bw of Thomas by Betsy James

Picture of Thomas West Bueler-Faudree, age 6 days 
 Thomas West Bueler-Faudree (6 days old)

Thomas was born 4 June 2002.  He was 5 lbs. 12 oz. at birth.  More pictures follow:
Thomas and Jill


Older  pictures (1999-2001):
Ed Bueler
Maggie and Ed at Creamer's field.
Mt Shasta sunset--thanks Tim Carlson.