Math 641: Real Analysis I

Ed Bueler, Fall 2001

Instructor: Ed Bueler 
My Office: Chapman 301C              Office Hours.
Phone: 474-7693      eMail:
Class Time: MWF 11:30--12:30
W 2:15--3:15
Classroom: Chapman 303C.

Prerequisites:  Math 401 and 402 (Advanced Calculus I & II) or equivalent.  Or consent of the instructor.

Course Description:  A graduate introduction to real analysis.  We will cover the following topics corresponding to chapters of the text:
Set Theory (1)  quick review
Real Numbers (2) review
Lebesgue Measure (3) core
Lebesgue Integral (4) core
Differentiation (5) lighter
Lp Spaces (6) core
Metric Spaces (7) as needed
Banach&Hilbert Spaces (10)
General Measure Theory (11)

Class time will be spent half on my lecture and half on problem sessions.

There will be weekly homework assignments, usually with 10 or fewer problems.  Firmly due at the date given.

There will be two midterm quizzes, done in class.  These will include questions like "What is the definition of ..." and also problems whose solution requires a routine use of the definitions.  They will be easier than the homework questions.

There will be a take-home Final exam.  It will be very firmly due on the given date.

Text:  H. L. Royden, Real Analysis, Macmillan/Prentice Hall 3rd ed., 1988.

But the following are recommended and in the Rasmuson Library: