Math 253 Calculus III

Fall 2015, UAF

(Syllabus as corrected 14 October 2015 from Core Syllabi Committee comments)

Instructor: Ed Bueler

Office: Chapman 301C
Phone: 474-7693
Class Room: Gruening 412
Class Times: MWF 11:45-12:45 and T 11:30-12:30
CRN: 78249     Credits: 4.0
Required Text: J. Stewart, Calculus 8th ed.
    Early Transcendentals, Cengage 2016

Course Web Site (includes day-by-day course schedule):

Ed's weekly schedule and Office Hours:

Course Content, Topics, and Goals:

This course introduces multi-variable calculus. The textbook is J. Stewart, Calculus, 8th ed. Early Transcendentals, Cengage 2016. We will only cover chapters 12-16. Topics include: At the end of this course you should be able to apply the tools of single-variable and multi-variable calculus to problems which arise in other subjects, such as in the sciences and engineering.


MATH F252X Calculus II. (Former number: MATH F201X.)

Lectures Format:

The class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in Gruening 412. I am the only instructor, and there is no 5th hour with a teaching assistant, as there is in Calc I and II at UAF.

Every day I will cover new material. I will ask you often to work on problems and answer questions in class, so sometimes I'll be using the board and sometimes you will. You are also expected to ask questions in class about the lecture or about homework assignments. Such questions are a great use of the class' time, as you are unlikely to be the only one with a given question. Please do ask!

At least one day each week, chosen at random, I'll take attendance. Attendance is not a part of your grade, but it correlates very strongly with student success. I will be less sympathetic with issues arising for students who do not bother coming to class. Also, this will help me learn all your names.

Some Homework is Online:

Please go to

right away and log in. To get started, click "ENTER CLASS KEY" and enter

uaf 3508 8409

Then set a username and password. You will also enter your "access code" which you got with your textbook.

One WebAssignment will be due each week, generally on Friday at 5:00pm. I recommend doing a part of this every class day. You are encouraged to work with other students on WebAssignments. I'll give more information about WebAssignments in class.

More Homework is On Paper:

One PaperHomework will be due each week, generally at the start of class on Mondays. This must be your own work, but you can work together with other students on it. The problems on this part will be harder, and fewer, than the WebAssignment problems. The WebAssignment should be helpful to get going on the PaperHomework due a few days later.

Assigned Work, Evaluation, and Grading:

The homework grade is from WebAssignments and PaperHomework. There will be two (hour-long) in-class Midterm Exams, and a two hour Final Exam:


Midterm Exam I
Midterm Exam II
Final Exam
Percent of Grade


weekly; due Fridays at 5:00pm
weekly; due Mondays at start of class
Friday, 9 October
Friday, 13 November
Friday, 18 December: 10:15am--12:15pm

Based on your homework and exam scores, combined according to the above fractions, I guarantee grades according to the following schedule:

Score Grade
90 - 100 % A
79 - 89 % B
68 - 78 % C
57 - 67 % D
0 - 56 % F

I reserve the right to increase your grade above this schedule based on the actual difficulty of the work and on average class performance.

Getting Help:

Tutors are available in the Math Lab in Chapman 305, and with One-on-One and Blackboard Collaborate. See online schedules at for hours.


The Dept of Mathematics and Statistics has reasonable policies on incompletes, late withdrawals, early final examinations, etc.; see You are covered by the UAF Student Code of Conduct. I will work with the Office of Disabilities Services (208 WHIT, 474-5655) to provide reasonable accommodation to student with disabilities.